Buzz at arts and craft session

We recently provided funding for Reading Association for the Blind towards the provision of new equipment and materials for their arts and crafts sessions for people who are blind or partially sighted living in and around Reading. Their bi-weekly open house is attended regularly by 70 or so members, and the sessions are manned by an amazing team of 30 volunteers.

 Their activity days are hugely popular, not least thanks to a new craft teacher who was recruited 6 months ago. She has some fantastic ideas and is hugely talented. Our grant enabled her to buy in a wide range of materials and she has turned the arts and crafts sessions round. Numbers of attendees had been falling off, but now there is a real buzz in the hall on craft days. Word of mouth amongst members has spread the message that there is something new to come to and enjoy, which has resulted in increasing numbers. You can see and hear that everyone is really engaged and it’s very noisy!