Outside therapy

We are delighted to have helped Calin in Cheshire with a grant of £627 to provide a garden shed. Calin, 37 and father of two, was involved in a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago and was left severely disabled and very depressed.

Calin chose a shed which was suitable for his tools and planned the space carefully to be able to do his carpentry, somewhere he could spend hours at a time and be comfortable in his wheelchair. The impact this has had on the family is immense.

The family can now spend time apart instead of being on top of each other in the living room. Calin will work for hours carving his wood and making personalised signs, children’s toys etc. There is also room for Calin’s children to sit in the shed with him and chat and watch him work. Calin’s wife can then have some respite from her 24 hour care she gives to her husband.

Calin has also been in touch with the hospital where he was admitted to and spent months in rehab. He is now taking orders for the patients who are going through what he did at that time. Calin will go in and talk to the patients and ask what they would like him to make. Some of the patitents like to work on the items themselves and Calin will just cut the shapes out and they sand them and do the rest of the paint/varnish etc. The patients see Calin as their inspiration.

Calin is so much happier since he was granted the shed. He states he feels like he has his life back and can do his hoppy in his own space, where he can think straight and recuperate and help others in the process.