What we can't fund

We do not fund retrospectively, and further funding is not available for three years following a successful grant award.

Grants will not normally be made to named individuals for:

  • Services for which the health and social care authorities have a statutory responsibility (e.g. medical and dental treatment)
  • Services offered in a care home operated by Barchester Healthcare or by any other company (e.g. adequate seating)
  • Home improvements and property repairs not related to disability or medical condition
  • Basic household items such as white goods, furniture and carpeting not related to disability or medical condition
  • Daily living costs (e.g. rent, utility bills, clothing) or repayment of debts

Grants will not be made to community groups and small charities for:

  • Core/ running costs or salaries or financial support to general projects
  • Indirect services such as help lines, newsletters, leaflets or research
  • Major building projects or large capital projects
  • Training of staff and volunteers

The Trustees reserve the right to put a cap on grants to a single charity (including all of its branches) in any one year.