Who we fund & 2017 focus

•Older people 65+

•Adults (18+) with a physical or learning disability

•Adults (18+) with mental health problems

We are a unique charity that helps individuals, but please note that all applications for named individuals must be completed by a third party who knows the individual in a professional or community-based capacity. This could be a Barchester staff member, healthcare professional, a social or citizens' advice worker or a charity representative for example. Any application submitted by the named individual or family will not be processed.

We also help small community groups and small local charities. We do not have a formal defintition for a small charity, but if a charity has financial reserves in the £100k's or £m's, it is very unlikely that we would be able to help.

We help people and groups based in England, Scotland and Wales.

We favour applications that help improve people’s mobility, independence and quality of life. Our grants range from £100 up to £5,000, with the avarage grant in 2016 being approx. £900.

This year our focus is about connecting or re-connecting people with others in their local community. Applications that combat loneliness and enable people to be active and engaged will receive our highest priority in 2017.

We expect that 75% of our funding this year will go to applications that meet our focus, and 25% to applications that meet our general criteria.