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Fun on the beach

/ January 2022
Visiting the beach

In August 2021 we awarded funding to a young disabled woman for a beach walker. Jessica received significant burns and life changing injuries as an infant as the result of a household fire, and she is a double amputee above the knee with partial amputation to all fingers. Jessica uses a combination of prosthetic legs, wheelchairs and standing walkers to access the community.

Jessica is a mother of five children, with the youngest children being just one and three years old. She is a very outgoing person despite her disabilities and likes to participate in community events.

Naturally as the family live in a small coastal town, the children love to visit the beach to play with the sand and water. Jessica has expressed difficulties in accessing the beach with the children and her friends and as a result this has made her feel socially isolated. There are a small amount of beach wheelchairs for hire where Jessica lives, however, her experience is that these are not often available. This can mean that Jessica is not always able to access the beach or plan a trip with the children in advance, due to their limited availability. 

Following the purchase of the beach walker, Jessica provided us with the following feedback:

"I was fortunate enough to have had your wonderful help and assistance to purchase a beach walker. This has been an amazing opportunity for not only myself, but my entire family, and I am truly grateful.

As a double leg amputee since I was a toddler, and now a Mum of five living a few minutes from the beach, I had never been able to visit the beach independently until receiving help from your charity. Now, I am taking trips to the beach with my children, playing in the sand and splashing in the sea! We are making and sharing memories that will last a lifetime".

Jessica has already had several visits to the beach with her family, although the weather has not been in their favour as yet. She is now very much looking forward to the spring and summer months.

We are excited to have been able to assist Jessica in making these beach trips possible!


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