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Henry's new powerchair

/ July 2022
Henry's new chair

Henry suffers from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, and in February this year we awarded him a funding contribution to help him purchase an electric wheelchair called a Quickie 700M. It has a seat made to support him and provide comfort, thereby preventing sores which can cause Henry some discomfort. The chair itself can be put in different positions and also different heights, which is an advantage in everyday life, improving movement and accessibility to various things in the home or on the move.

Henry suffers with cold hands in winter and then is unable to drive his chair. This chair has a dual control for carers and can therefore be driven by them if needed.

Henry finds he has better manoeuvrability in his new chair, and it is far more reliable. He was unable to travel distances before, as the battery of his old chair did not have enough power. He feels much more comfortable and safer, as this model has chest straps to keep him in securely.

“It has allowed me to be more independent, and I have taken it on a recent holiday when I went to see Spain on a cruise ship.”

Henry is looking forward to using his chair for boccia, a ball game where he can knock balls down a ramp, very much like bowls.

We are incredibly happy that this new powerchair has made such a difference to Henry's quality of life and that our contribution helped to make it happen.



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