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Mobility scooter

/ May 2023

Earlier this year we awarded funding to Kimberley from Hertfordshire for a mobility scooter. 

Kimberley is in permanent severe pain with her back. She was diagnosed with a worn disc in her lower spine, resulting in two vertebrae grinding against each other when she moves. She uses a crutch to mobilise, but is visibly in pain when moving.

Kimberley was unable to mobilise for long distances and if she needed to go anywhere outside the home relied on taxis or friends to provide transport. She is a very independent and gregarious person and found it difficult to have to rely on other people at all times when wanting to leave the house.

Having a mobility scooter has enabled Kimberley to go to the shops without assistance and she is now able to get her medicine without the need to book a taxi. She is excited to be able to visit friends on her own, which is something she has been unable to do for a long time, due to the constant pain. The mobility scooter is so comfortable, and Kimberley tells us that she is over the moon with her new found independence! 




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