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New sports wheelchair for Lottie

/ November 2022
Charlotte's new chair

We recently awarded funding to Charlotte (she likes to be known as Lottie) who suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Our funding contribution was used to invest in an ultra-lightweight made-to-measure RGK Elite rugby league/basketball wheelchair. Lottie really struggled with the wide heavy basic chairs owned by the rugby team, and was using one that was too high off the floor to enable her to play basketball.

Since receiving her new chair it has improved her performance in both sports tremendously and given her the confidence in her true abilities. It has even travelled with her on an accessible coach to Dundee for a game, as well as to Wales for a two-day tournament where unfortunately, she dislocated her right thumb during a tackle just twenty minutes into the first game. This resulted in a fracture and weeks in plaster and months of not being able to participate in any sporting activities. However, happily, she is now back to full strength and excited at the prospect of being able to compete again!

The grant has really helped Lottie to progress in her sports as it fits her just as a sports wheelchair should and is so much lighter and faster on court. Lottie has never had any plans to compete at a higher level such as the Paralympics, mainly due to her age and also the fact that she hadn't ever tried any sport until she reached the age of forty! However, she really wanted a made-to-measure sports chair to make playing more manageable on her body and she says that it really has helped to achieve that.

The attached picture shows Lottie at her First game in her new made-to-measure chair against North Wales Crusaders.

We wish Charlotte all the very best for the future in all she does and are so pleased to have been able to contribute to her sporting achievements.


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