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Nicola on the move

January 2021

Nicola, 38, mother of two from Cleethorpes near Grimsby has a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and ME. 

Nicola is often bedridden and can’t walk far without a lot of pain and disabling tiredness. Our £300 grant paid for a lightweight wheelchair, which has given her a new found freedom.

In her own words, this is what it has meant to Nicola and her family:

“I cried with happiness when I heard about the grant because it meant so much to me. There are so many possibilities and this will give me so much more freedom. I am able to leave the house again. I don't have to worry about falling over or getting over tired and breathless which spoils family days out. Just being able to get a breath of fresh air helps to cheer me up. I can also go to appointments and my children's parent's evenings. Being able to do these things really makes me appreciate life and has helped me to feel more positive and much happier.”

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