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Walking wheels providing freedom

March 2021
200477 Eileen @Ness

Eileen lives is Cheshire and suffers from a severe spinal and accompanying scoliosis. Eileen has endeavoured to maintain her independence for such a long time but for her to be able to enjoy family outings or even to get around and about her garden, she had become increasingly reliant on someone to push her in a wheelchair and this has become more and more problematic and uncomfortable for her, especially on uneven ground, as it caused painful spinal spasms. 

Regular exercise and physiotherapy are essential for Eileen to maintain a degree of mobility and manage her pain and she works extremely hard at both her own personalised home work out and the neuro-physio programme at the Neuro Therapy Centre.

We helped Eileen with funding towards a powered mountain trike.

Eileen received her new mountain trike in September and has already accessed and enjoyed a whole new world of accessible adventures such as country parks, botanical gardens and other local nature areas. She has received a variety of positive responses and interest in the use and manoeuvrability of the trike from both adults and children, commenting on “what a great piece of kit” it is.

The freedom that the mountain trike has given Eileen means that she can now fully participate in friends and family outings with her “walking wheels”. She is looking forward to joining in community events when they can again take place. It’s improved her overall health and well-being, both physically and mentally.

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